Mindl Cohen, Leye Leavitt, Sholem Beinfeld

Sep 1, 201759 minutes

  • Part one our interview with Mindl Cohen, Editor-in-Chief of In Geveb, the online journal of Yiddish studies (ingeveb.org), as well as Harvard University's new Yiddish teacher. Part 2 will air next week.
  • Special guests Leye Leavitt, Sholem Beinfeld, and with a cameo appearance by Rivke David, joining regular host Meyer David live in studio! Henceforth Leye/Sholem/Rivke/Meyer....
  • Greetings for the New Year Holidays from our Sponsors were read by Leye
  • Yiddish Cultural and Educational happenings closer to and farther from Boston were announced by Sholem, Meyer, and Leye
  • Leye gave a more in-depth report on Yiddish teaching at Boston Workmen's Circle this Summer.
  • Special cameo appearance by Rivke, who endorsed her former Yiddish teacher Leye, as well as Arbeter Ring chorus, having sung with them in the past.
  • Leye related her sublime Israel/Jewish travel experience from her summer
  • Meyer related bits of his terrific summer experience at Yidish-Vokh
  • Sholem and Leye Leavitt discussed their as yet unknown but hopefully soon to be roles as subtitlers of the forthcoming reissue of arguably the greatest Yiddish film of all time, Yidl Mitl Fidl.
  • Music: high holiday music by Malavsky Family, Cantor Sholem Katz; excerpts of songs that honor workers, in honor of our American holiday Labor Day: Mayn Rue Platz (Nikitov), Dem Milners Trern (Sidor Belarsky), Di Shvue (Mlotek Bundist Yugnt Khor)

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