Mindl Cohen Pt. 2 (New); Rav Avrohom Marmorstein (Repeat)

Sep 8, 201761 minutes

  • Mindl Cohen: part two of our interview with the Editor-in-Chief of In Geveb, the online journal of Yiddish studies (ingeveb.org), as well as Harvard University's new Yiddish teacher. Part 1 aired last week. Special thanks to Sholem Beinfeld, Wash. Univ. professor emeritus of history and co-chief editor of the Comprehensive Yiddish-English dictionary, for help conducting the interview.
  • Rav Avrohom Marmorstein: a discussion of the High Holidays, and also a little about the Rabbi, his background, and about Yiddish. Rav Marmorstein is the director of Mehadrin Kashrus on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. For info: http://www.vaad.org/new-york-manhattan/mehadrin-kashrus/. (Note: shortened, edit version of an interview recorded and first aired in 2015.)
  • Music: Eastern-European style music of the High Holiday season in Yiddish and Hebrew by cantors Samual Malavsky (& Family), Berele Chagy, Leibele Waldman, & Moishe Koussevitzky

Air Date: September 6, 2017

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