Rukhl Schaechter: Forverts, Michael Wex et al: Humor+Purim

Mar 20, 201959 minutes

  • Rukhl Schaechter, editor of the Yiddish Forward (פֿאָרווערטס), speaks with regular cohost Sholem Beinfeld about the latest developments at the newspaper, including the plan to go digital-only and discontinue the printed version begun in 1897. Info:
  • Michael Wex, renowned author and humorist, joins regular cohosts Leye Shporer-Leavitt, Sholem Beinfeld, and Mark David for a semi-serious discussion about Jewish humor and Purim. Info:
  • Music:
    • Leyke Post: Purim, accompanied by Rubin Ossofsky
    • Gadi Yagil: Di Elegye fun Fastrigose
    • Ruth Rubin: Yakhne-Dvoshke Fort in Shtot (Hop Mayne Homentashn)
  • Intro instrumental music: DEM HELFANDS TANTS, an instrumental track from the CD Jeff Warschauer: The Singing Waltz

Air date: March 13, 2019

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