Bonus - Miriam Libenson for Tisha B'Ov from 1995

Bonus - Miriam Libenson for Tisha B'Ov from 1995

Show notes

This is Miriam Libenson's 1995 talk for Tisha B'Ov. This is a supplementary bonus podcast of the Yiddish Voice.
This was originally recorded for and aired on the Yiddish Voice (ייִדיש קול) on Aug 2 1995. Miriam Libenson (מרים ליבנזון ז״ל) was born in Aniksht, Lithuania, in the early 1910's. She moved to Palestine in the 1930's, and moved to the US after the war, settling in Boston. She was a Jewish studies and Hebrew language teacher in the Boston area for over forty years. Her poetry in Yiddish was published in such publications as the Tog Morgen Dzhurnal and the journal of the Pioneer Women (Na'Amat). She was a regular contributor to the Yiddish Voice and its predecessor, the Yiddish Hour (ייִדישע שעה) throughout the 1990s. She moved back to Israel around 2000 and died there in 2004.



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