Simon Jacobson, Avremi Zaks, et al: Rosh Hashona amid COVID-19

Simon Jacobson, Avremi Zaks, et al: Rosh Hashona amid COVID-19

Show notes

Rosh Hashona, the Jewish new year, as well as COVID-19 are a constant theme throughout this show, which features two terrific interviews along with greetings and announcements by sponsors, friends, and participants in The Yiddish Voice.


  • Interview with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, founder of the Meaningful Life Center ( and publisher of Algemeiner Journal, both an English-language Jewish news website ( and a Yiddish-English weekly newspaper.

  • Interview with Avremi Zaks, presenter for the Yiddish-language radio program of Kan, the Israeli public broadcasting corporation, interviewed by Sholem Beinfeld, regular contributor to the Yiddish Voice. For Israeli Yiddish radio program announcements, visit the "Yiddish Radio" page on Facebook:

  • Lovely New Year's greetings from friends, supporters, and collaborators:

    • Tanya Lefman/Holocaust Survivors of Greater Boston
    • Eli Dovek/Israel Book Shop
    • Max Gelerman z"l/Gelerman Family/The Butcherie
    • Cheryl Moore/Moore Family/Cheryl Ann's Bakery
    • Kolya Borodulin, director of Arbeter Ring-Workers Circle Yiddish Program
    • Rabbi Leyzer Maimon, Young Israel of Mill Basin, Brooklyn, NY
    • Leah Shporer-Leavitt, cohost and Yiddish teacher at Boston Arbeter Ring-Workers Circle
    • Sholem Beinfeld, cohost and co-chief editor of Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary
    • Dovid Braun, cohost and Director of YIVO Summer Program
  • Music:

    • Leybele Waldman: Der Nayer Yor
    • Goldie Malavsky: Zochreinu L'Chayim
    • Sholom Katz: Zochreinu L'Chayim
    • Intro instrumental music: DEM HELFANDS TANTS, an instrumental track from the CD Jeff Warschauer: The Singing Waltz
  • We wish you all the best for a healthy, happy New Year.

  • לשנה טובה - א גוט געזונט יאר

  • Thanks to our 2020 High Holiday sponsors!

Air Date: September 16, 2020



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