Yom Hashoah, Milke Baran, Boris Sandler

Apr 28, 201661 minutes

A bit more of Pesach: music, greetings, and announcements. And then ....

For Yom Hashoah: excerpts from Dovid Braun's interview of Milke Baran, a Holocaust survivor from Oshmine (Oshmyany, near Vilna), from the Sholem Aleichem Shule 21 (Bronx)'s annual Yom Hashoah Hazkore.

Interview of Boris Sandler, as Editor of the Yiddish Forward (Forverts), on his second-to-last day at this position. He retired Friday erev Pesach. By Yosef Lakhman. (This is an abbreviated excerpt. The full interview will be aired next week.)

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