Elye Davis: Yidish-Vokh; Dovid Weiss-Halivni and Joseph Pollak: For Elie Wiesel's 80th Birthday; Sheva Zucker: from Yidish-Vokh (Re-replays)

Aug 12, 201640 minutes

[Replay from previous week almost exactly except for a brief announcement to that effect near beginning. Sorry, it's summer. :))

Elye Davis from Yugntruf.org talks about the Yidish-Vokh. (replayed from last week's show)

Rabbis Dovid Weiss-Halivni and Joseph Pollak celebrated Elie Wiesel's 80th birthday in 2008 here in Boston and were interviewed by the Yiddish Voice. Here are some excerpts from those interviews, which we last played in 2008. Note: we'll have a full program on Elie Wiesel for the Shloyshim next week.

Sheva Zucker, exec. dir. of League for Yiddish, interviewed by Iosif Lakhman, talking about various things in the Yiddish world. Replayed from 2008.

Miriam Libenson o"h, or beloved late poet and holiday presenter, discusses Tisha B'Ov and the Three Weeks of mourning. Replayed from early 1990's.

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