Best of Pesach (Replays)

Apr 5, 201762 minutes

Replays of some of our best Pesach presentations:

  • Hasia Segal: Di Veltlekhe Hagode (highlights of the Arbeter Ring haggadah; from 1991)
  • Rav Avrhohom Marmorstein: Passover Q&A (from 2015)
  • Myer Loketch: Pesach, Chometz, and Chaim Brisker (from 2007)

Pesach music by Bruce Adler, Richard Tucker, and Moyshe Oysher

Pesach greetings by Dovid Braun, Iosif Lakhman, Misha Khazin, Shimshon Ehrenfeld, Eli Dovek, and Max Gelerman (z"l).

News report by Avremi Zaks via Kol Yisrael in Jerusalem (

Air Date: Mar. 29, 2017

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