Danny Finkelman: Menashe; Simcha Simchovitch, Fishl Goldig (repeats)

Aug 21, 201755 minutes

  • An excerpt of our 2006 interview with Simcha Simchovitch in recognition of his recent passing and of the upcoming 65th anniversary of the 12th of August 1952, also known as the Night of the Murdered Poets.

  • Excerpts of our 2016 interview with Fishl Goldig, which we aired without his music. This time we have a lot less of his talk, but a bit more of his music.

  • Interview with Danny Finkelman, executive-producer of "Menashe", the hit Yiddish-language film.

  • Additional featured music: Mame-Loshn, CD by Nikitov, featuring Yiddish translations of English pop hits

Air Date: August 2, 2017

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