Sholem Beinfeld, Kolye Borodulin, Maykhl Ripinyik: Esti Shnek

Aug 21, 201761 minutes

  • Sholem Beinfeld is special guest host live in studio, discusses various topics, including the song "Rokhl mevako al boneho", which we audition through the Yiddish Song of the Week (
  • Excerpts of Max Kohn's 2012 interview with the late Eli Wiesel in recognition of his first yortsayt
  • Excerpts of the late Iosif Lakhman's 2012 talk about the murdered Soviet-Yiddish writers for upcoming 65th anniversary of 12 August 1952, or the "Night of the Murdered Poets"
  • Kolye Borodulin is interviewed by phone about forthcoming Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle) "Yiddishland" adult summer camp and Fall 2017 Yiddish Internet classes
  • Maykhl (tasty dish) Ripinyik: Esti Shnek from Haifa, Israel, originally from Jasina, Czechoslovakia (pre-WWII), starts our mini series on a mysterious Yiddish word. She recalls a baked dish named "Ripinyik", a Yiddish word that seems to be only known to former inhabitants of the shtetl Jasina (as it was known in pre-WWII Czechoslovakia): listen to the recipe: if you have heard of this dish by another name, or you've heard of this dish by this name, please contact the Yiddish Voice and let us know: More info on this "maykhl" will be given in a later broadcast.

Air Date: August 9, 2017

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