Elissa Bemporad on book Legacy of Blood (from 2020)

Elissa Bemporad on book Legacy of Blood (from 2020)

עליסאַ בעמפּאָראַד וועגן איר בוך וועגן בילבול אין ראַטן-פֿאַרבאַנד (פֿון 2020)

Show notes

This week we listen back to our March 2020 interview with Elissa Bemporad, author of the book Legacy of Blood: Jews, Pogroms, and Ritual Murder in the Lands of the Soviets (Oxford University Press, 2019), interviewed by Sholem Beinfeld. Today we're re-airing the entire interview. It was originally aired in two parts in amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and may have gotten a bit lost in the shuffle. But in case you missed it or just want to relisten, it's still as interesting and relevant today, if not more so, considering today's war between Russia and Ukraine in the news.

Air date: June 29, 2022

PS: you can still find the original podcasts containing this interview aired on Mar. 18 and Mar. 25, 2020, in our archive:

Part 1: https://the-yiddish-voice-podcast.zencast.website/episodes/covid-19-with-berger-schaechter-plus-author-elissa-bemporad

Part 2: https://the-yiddish-voice-podcast.zencast.website/episodes/covid-19-avremi-zak-author-elissa-bemporad-cont-eli-rosen-unorthodox-s-yiddish-consultant



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