Gitu Cycowicz on Meeting President Biden (new); Diego Rotman: Dzigan & Schumacher (replay)

Gitu Cycowicz on Meeting President Biden (new); Diego Rotman: Dzigan & Schumacher (replay)

גיטו סיקאָוויץ וועגן איר באַגעגעניש מיט פּרעזידענט בײַדען (נײַ); דיעגאָ ראָטמאַן: דזשיגאַן און שומאַכער (איבערגעחזרט)

Show notes

Part 1: We took a temporary break from our summer rerun season to bring our dear listeners breaking news, of a sort, from the real world: we reached friend of the show Gitu Cycowics hours after her meeting with President Biden at Yad Vashem to get her first impressions. Gitu -- a/k/a Giselle (Gita) Cycowicz (née Friedman) -- who was born in 1927 in the town of Chust in the Carpathian Mountains, then part of Czechoslovakia, survived Auschwitz and other camps, later starting a new life in the USA, and eventually getting her PhD in psychology. In her later years, she moved to Israel and then worked for decades for AMCHA (, helping with the psychological needs of her fellow survivors. Today (Weds., Jul. 13, 2022) she was one of two Holocaust survivors invited to meet President Joseph Biden at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. We are thankful for sharing with us her first impressions of that experience hours after it took place. Here is a YouTube from the live stream of Gitu meeting Biden: Here is Gitu's page at Yad Vashem:

Part 2: We continue our summer rerun season with an interview of Diego Rotman, interviewed by Sholem Beinfeld, discussing the famed Yiddish actors and comics Shimon Dzigan and Yisroel Schumacher. The interview was originally aired in March, 2022.

Air date: July 13, 2022

PS: you can still find the original podcast containing the Diego Rotman interview aired on Mar. 2, 2022, in our archive:



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