Mike Burstyn: The Megillah and Mike Burstyn (Part 1) (from 2021)

Mike Burstyn: The Megillah and Mike Burstyn (Part 1) (from 2021)

די מגילה און מײַק בורשטיין ט׳ 1 (פֿֿון 2021)

Show notes

This week, we're listening back to a favorite Yiddish Voice interview from the past: our interview with famed American-Israeli actor and singer Mike Burstyn, discussing the streamed production Megillah Cycle as well as many aspects of Yiddish theater and his history with it, originally aired in February 2021.

Air date: June 22, 2022

PS: you can still find the original podcast containing this interview, and the original podcast with part 2 of this interview, in our archive:

Part 1: https://the-yiddish-voice-podcast.zencast.website/episodes/the-megillah-and-mike-burstyn

Part 2: https://the-yiddish-voice-podcast.zencast.website/episodes/the-megillah-and-mike-burstyn-part-2



Mike Burstyn

Mike Burstyn

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