Sarah Moskovitz: The Song Remains

Sarah Moskovitz: The Song Remains

שׂרה מאָסקאָוויטש: דאָס ליד איז געבליבן‎

Show notes

This week, Yiddish poetry lovers are in for a treat: an interview with Sarah Traister Moskowitz with her reading of poems in the collection „דאָס ליד איז געבליבן“ ("The Song Remains") along with her English translations. Sarah is the translator of the collection of poems Dos Lid is Geblibn, or The Song Remains, on the new website, an anthology of Yiddish poems with English translations from the Nazi German occupation of Poland. The collection is taken from the book of the same name in Yiddish, edited by Binem Heller and originally published in Poland in 1951. In the interview Sarah talks about her life and her connections to Yiddish, the Holocaust, and this collection of poetry. She also reads three of the poems from the collection in Yiddish along with her English translation:

  • Kapital (Das Kapital) -Sh. Zhirman
  • Aktualie (Actually) -Misha Troyanov
  • Lodzh (Łódź) -M. Goldshteyn

Sarah worked for years with child-Holocaust-survivors in Los Angeles and helped produce the book How We Survived: 52 Personal Stories by Child Survivors of the Holocaust, including writing its forward, which she reads from in the Interview. Read more about Sarah Moskovitz at the new website:

Also on this week's show: Miriam Libenson ז״ל's presentation for Lag B'Oymer from our archive (originally recorded and aired in the 1990's). Miriam was a poet in her own right, whose poetry often graced our airwaves, as well as such publications as דער טאָג-מאָרגן-דשורנאָל and פּיאָנערן פֿרויען (Der Tog-Morgn-Dzhurnal and Pionern-Froyen).


  • Sarah Gorby: Zog Nit Keynmol
  • Raasche: Arum Dem Fayer
  • Tova Ben-Zvi: Lag-B'Oimer
  • Wolf Krakowski: Yeder Ruft Mikh Ziamele
  • Wolf Krakowski: Varshe
  • Intro instrumental music: DEM HELFANDS TANTS, an instrumental track from the CD Jeff Warschauer: The Singing Waltz

Air date: May 22, 2024



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