Summer Programs Amid COVID-19 with Trinh, Matut, Schmitges, Viswanath, Wolfe

Summer Programs Amid COVID-19 with Trinh, Matut, Schmitges, Viswanath, Wolfe

Show notes

We wish you all the best for a healthy, happy New Year.
לשנה טובֿה - אַ גוט געזונט יאָר

Hear a roundtable discussion of three 2020 Yiddish summer programs and how they've managed with the COVID-19 circumstances. Our particpants:

  • Hy Wolfe / חיים וואָלף - we're delighted to welcome Hy on board as guest co-host of this week's show! Hy Wolfe is an actor, head of the Hebrew Actors Union Foundation, head of CYCO Yiddish Book Center, multi-decade participant in Yidish-Vokh [New York]

  • Miriam Trinh / מרים טרין - head of Yidish Ort, Yiddish teacher at both Yidish-YO and YIVO 2020 summer programs, Yiddish lit and language teacher at Hebrew U., editor of Afn Shvel [Jerusalem]

  • Andreas Schmitges / אַנשיל שמיטקעס - Curator and Board member of Yiddish Summer Weimar (and of Other Music Academy) [Weimar]

  • Diana Matut / דינע מאַטוט - one of the Yiddish teachers of Yiddish Summer Weimar [Weimar]

  • Meena-Lifshe Viswanath / מינע ליפֿשע ווישוואַנאַט - Treasurer of Yugntruf, lifelong attendee of Yidish-Vokh, an active particpant in the planning of Yidish-Vokh in her role as member of Yugntruf's board [Maryland]

  • Music:

    • Leibele Waldman: Der Nyer Yohr
    • Theo Bikel: Di Yontevdike Teg
    • Shmuel Malavsky and Family: Unesanneh Tokef (Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Musaf)
    • Intro instrumental music: DEM HELFANDS TANTS, an instrumental track from the CD Jeff Warschauer: The Singing Waltz
  • Thanks to our 2020 High Holiday sponsors!

Air Date: August 26, 2020



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