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Sylvia Bialik is a guest on The 'Yiddish Voice' Podcast

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Sylvia Bialik: "Der Yidisher Idol"

Apr 16, 201757 minutes

Interview with the Sylvia Bialik, organizer of the "Yiddish Idol" ("Der Yidisher Idol") in Mexico City, a Yiddish singing and songwriting competition whose submission deadline comes later this month (April 23, 2017). See also "Der Yidisher Idol" web site (in Spanish and English):


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Pesach music and Pesach greetings from sponsors and friends.

Hasia Segal: Di Veltlekhe Hagode (highlights of the Arbeter Ring haggadah; from 1991)

Air Date: April 12, 2017

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